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Q: Why Take PR Into Your Own Hands?
A: PR is essential for your business for the 6 following reasons:

New and prospective clients reading the article will discover you, which could lead to new sales leads


You will stand out from the crowd in your market place, and your competitors will sit up and think…

3. SEO:

Once your article is published in the major news outlet, your name and website link (if included) will be picked up by the search engines and will boost your rankings


your existing client base will be pleased to see you being published, this will back up their choice in using your company, it might even spur them on to make a new enquiry as they may have discovered a new product or service in the article


It is an opportunity to share the link with your client base and on your website which in turn may get shared even further


The journalist has been impressed enough with your product or service to include you in their article. This is excellent for your credibility
Your Press Release & Your 'Made For You' Media List

For just £149 you can have your very own bespoke media list!'s tailor-made to your requirements!

When you have hit 'PAY', we will be in touch as you will be required to fill out a short form which will indicate the sector(s) you are targeting with an outline of your business. 

Sectors, keywords or interests could be: Fashion, Luxury, Health and Fitness, Men's health, Women's interests, Charities, Business, Psychology, Mental Health, Education, Pregnancy, Food and Drink etc etc...

We will then send you a spreadsheet with the journalist, publication they write for, tel no and email. In a nutshell #INDISPENSABLE information!

Average list size: 500 - 1500 names. We don't do things by halves.


you will receive your very own


so you can use the essential proven format when creating your press release

Please note the media list will be compiled from an up-to date database and you may see contacts that aren't in your industry - the recommendation is you go over the list and highlight the ones that you'd like to approach, create your press release then start to distribute it to your selected targets. In many cases, you will discover new outlets or publications you didn't know existed but should have known!
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